Hello. My name is Dr Rory Story, and I am an inventor and a writer.

Let me introduce you to my latest invention, the Storyatron. It’s a mighty story-making machine, and it’s powered by imagination. With your help, the Storyatron can generate special, unique stories – just for you.

Blueprint of the Storyatron

Let me tell you how it works.

All you need to do is use your imagination to think of answers to my fun questions (the sillier your answers, the better). I’ll feed your responses into the Storyatron, pull the levers and flick some switches, and then this magical machine uses your words to generate a brand new tale, co-written by you.

To get started, you can click HERE or select the Stories tab at the top of the page. Then choose which story you’d like to create, and fill in the questions.

You can make as many stories as you like, and you can even choose to have them emailed to you. You can read and share your stories with your family and friends, and they can make their own too!

Also, at the bottom of each story are some bonus activities for you to try out. Make sure you share your pictures of you completing the activities, so I can see your brilliant creations.

Finally, you can now listen to some of the stories that have been created. There have been so many imaginative stories made and I have selected a handful of them for you to download on the audio page.

Dr Rory Story


Dr Rory Story