The Storyatron


I am the Storyatron, what is your name?
Lovely to meet you.
Would you like me to email you your story?

If so, what is your email address?(Your email address will be used to send you the story, nothing else,
make sure to check your junk file as we don't want your story to go missing).

Below are some questions for you to fill in.

For your answers, just put the first thing
that pops into your head - the sillier the better!

Never mind about pesky little words like 'a' and 'the'
(so instead of 'an apple,' just put 'apple' in the box).

After you answer the questions, our big dazzling
story machine will whir and whistle, plop and chop,
type and tap to create a story just for you.
A story all about a Monster.

I think that's enough nonsense, it's time to write a story...

What is your favourite silly word?

What is the tallest building you can think of?

What is the biggest vegetable you have seen?

Name a container that can hold a lot of water:

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

If you had a pet and were allowed to name them, what would you call them?

Name something that is squishy:

If you were in charge of naming a new planet what would you call it?

What is your favourite cold drink?

Name something inside the house which has a door:

What is the creepiest insect?

Name a liquid that you cannot drink:

Name a liquid that is not clear:

What is the name of the first cuddly toy that you had or that you can remember having?

Name a single item that is bigger than a cat but smaller than a car:

Name a body part other than your mouth:

What is your favourite animal?

What colour are your underpants?

Name a job where you have to use a pen:

Name a body part:

What animal do you think makes the loudest sound?

What animal do you think makes the strangest sound?

Name a disgusting liquid:

Name something that jumps:

Name a food item that comes in a jar:

What is the smallest animal you can think of?

Name something made from metal:

Name a food that is green:

Name a food that is red:

Name a tool that you would use to do DIY:

Name something that is white:

Name an animal you would find in the zoo:

What colour are your eyes?

Name something with wings:

What is the most fun word to say out loud?

What word would you love to shout when you are in a really quiet place?